Welcome to Decarbon Capital

Decarbon® is an independent specialist investment manager and advisor providing project finance for energy and resource efficiency initiatives.

Incorporated in 2010, we have built an enviable record of delivering investments that enable profits to be unlocked from complex energy projects. We work in close collaboration with our Clients to ensure that the investments we deliver meet their business needs and maximise value.

Investments help our Clients to obtain the solution they need, enjoying a share in the financial benefits achieved, whilst avoiding the financial liability associated to the project. Furthermore our Clients retain control of the implementation, selecting the equipment they wish to deploy and the parties they wish to perform the implementation. Decarbon provides the capital and expertise, takes the risk, and shares the benefits – it’s that simple!

Our Advisory & Management services support Clients whom have capital available but would benefit from our investment management expertise when implementing the investment and managing the associated risk.

Download a summary of what we do here: Decarbon Capital – unlocking profits

We help solve the investment challenges faced by the: